Argentina will have a Federal Observatory to promote accessible and inclusive transport


08 August 2022

The new area, which will report to the National Strategies Directorate within the National Ministry of Transport, will be in charge of designing and generating inclusive, accessible innovations that develop sustainable transport for all Argentines, through the articulation and coordination with all the provinces of the country.

In line with a work agenda that prioritizes caring for the environment, the national government today created the Federal Observatory for inclusive, accessible and sustainable transport development strategies that will depend on the national portfolio in charge of Alexis Guerrera.

In this sense, the new federal observatory will have the objective of designing and promoting public policies that incorporate criteria of accessibility, inclusion and sustainable development in terms of transport, a fact that has a positive impact on caring for the environment, mobility and the protection of human rights.

In addition, regional councils and advisory and technical committees will be created that include the participation of all provinces, holding federal meetings to amplify the scope of public policies aimed at inclusive transportation.

The measure, which will not represent budgetary expenses for the National State, was made official today with the publication in the Official Gazette of resolution 519/2022 of the Ministry of Transport of the Nation and is part of the work agenda of the National Government to promote caring for the environment and creating sustainable and accessible transportation for all Argentines.