Brazil's BGS Group ordered 92 Marcopolo buses, including 44 Paradiso 1800 DD G8


22 July 2022

The GBS Group celebrates nearly 90 years of activities, which under its umbrella encompasses Viação Garcia and Brasil Sul, from the Paraná city of Londrina. The company first announced an investment to incorporate 150 buses a few days before the confinement provisions of the pandemic and in view of the reactivation of road travel. Already in August 2021, they formalized an order for 31 vehicles between 10 Paradiso 1800 DD G8, 12 Paradiso 1200 G8 and additionally nine Viaggio 800 units.

Now the GBS Group is upping the ante, continuing with the innovation, quality and differentiation of its services, ordering 92 new Marcopolo buses of the road models Paradiso G8 1800 Double Decker, Paradiso 1200 and Viaggio 800 and the urban Torino. The new Paradiso G8 1800 DD buses will be used, starting in August, in the exclusive Cabina Cama and Leito Plus services, and will have hyper-soft sofa beds with the Marcopolo Next massage system, to further expand the comfort already offered.

“We are very proud of the new acquisition of the GBS Group, as it demonstrates the excellent acceptance of the Generation 8. Less than six months after receiving the first units, the companies placed a new order, which demonstrates the attributes and differentials of the new model”, highlights Ricardo Portolan, director of Commercial Operations for the Internal Market and Marketing of Marcopolo.

Innovation, comfort and safety are the priorities of the GBS Group and with Marcopolo's latest generation buses, swe reinforces that position. “We continuously invest in technology and good travel experiences. With this new batch, we maintain the principle of constantly updating our fleet”. Estefano Boiko Junior, Vice President of Viação Garcia-Brasil Sul.

Of the 92 new buses, 44 units are Paradiso G8 1800 Double Decker, 22 Paradiso G8 1200 and six Viaggio 800, which will be used on short, medium and long distance bus lines, in addition to 20 Torino urban units. The Paradiso G8 1800 DD buses, with Mercedes-Benz O-500 RSDD chassis, are 15 meters long and are configured according to the type of service. Some of the buses that will be used in the “Cabina Cama” service have 28 seats, of which 20 are super-soft sleeper seats on the upper deck and eight on the lower level. The others are equipped with eight super-soft sofa beds on the lower deck and 48 super-soft sofa beds on the upper deck. The buses that will be used in the "Leito Plus" category have eight hypersoft sleeper seats on the lower deck and 30 hypersoft sleeper seats and two hypersoft sleeper seats on the upper deck.

Among the differentials of the vehicles are 110-volt outlets, bathroom upstairs, refrigerator with beverage dispenser, entertainment system, accessibility system with DPM mobile seat, curtains between seats in all services, hot/cold air conditioning with defroster in driver's cab, with ventilation/cooling/heating. The 22 Paradiso G8 1200, also equipped with the Mercedes-Benz O-500 RS chassis, are 14 meters long and have 44 super-soft semi-flat armchairs with leg rests.

On the other hand, the six Viaggio 800 models, used in short-distance and charter road lines in Paraná, are 12.7 meters long. The units have an internal configuration with 49 Soft Executive seats, movable glass, plain curtains, DPM (mobile chair device) and a total partition wall with a door.