ENEL wins tender for Metrobús line 3 recharging stations in Mexico City


01 August 2022

The Italian company Enel won the tender to install 25 charging stations, including the interconnection infrastructure, to ensure the energy supply of the future electric buses of Line 3 of the Mexico City Metrobus, which, as announced a few days ago, will be the first electric mass transportation line in the country.

Enel will invest four million dollars, in collaboration with Enel Green Power Mexico. This project will allow it to debut successfully in the Mexican market, as a line of business is launched in the country. It is the global business line that provides an ecosystem of integrated solutions, promoting new uses of energy so that cities, companies and people live, work and grow sustainably.

According to the firm, the smart charging stations are made to supply a power of 4.5 MW, required in the operations of Line 3 of the Metrobus, with which it seeks to improve its performance, optimize recharging and thus reduce its energy demand. through our “Smart Charging” or intelligent recharging platform, to the benefit of both the city and the millions of users who use the service every day.

Participation in public electric mobility is just the beginning of a series of projects that Enel X will seek to promote in the country, in order to contribute to the construction of more modern, intelligent and sustainable cities.

Enel, which celebrates its 60th anniversary this year, is a multinational electricity company and a leading integrated player in the global energy and renewable energy markets. At the Latin American level, it has important operations in Colombia, Chile and Brazil, where it has also helped the progress in the electrification of transport.