Marcopolo's G8 wins the If Design 2022 international award in Germany


12 May 2022

It is clear that in road buses, the manufacturer that best interprets what it means to have the greatest visual impact, to achieve maximum differentiation, to have style in all its corners, along with attractiveness and functionality, will win. That is what Marcopolo intended when its development team got down to work to define Generation 8, its road bus that came with the tremendous mission of surpassing what was achieved by the predecessor G7, which allowed it to be one of the bestsellers worldwide and the undisputed leader in the Western Hemisphere.

Those values ​​of the Marcopolo proposal, launched in July 2021 to conquer the roads, have been taken into account by international critics, awarding it one of the most important design awards in the world: the IF Design, organized each year by IF International Forum Design GmbH from Germany.

This German organization enjoys a huge reputation as one of the oldest truly independent design institutions in the world. Since 1953, these values ​​of integrity and differentiation have been upheld, with a focus on especially well-designed industrial products. In this way, the importance of design and all that it can achieve for users, brands and society is communicated.

In 2021, the organizers of the IF Design Award competition received more than 10,000 proposals from 60 countries. In the automotive category, the Marcopolo Generation 8 was chosen by an independent jury of international design specialists who determined the projects deserving of the awards based on five criteria: idea, form, functionality, differentiation and impact.

“The new Marcopolo Generation 8 buses of the Paradiso line serve a premium segment of the coach market. The clean, modern external design, like the advanced glass profile around the door, allows for easy identification on the road. The characteristic DRL lights, integrated with the position light and the indicator next to the headlamp, also stand out as a notable feature of this new generation”, indicated IF Design as part of its verdict.

Marcopolo conceived its Generation 8 as a road bus that would provide a new experience for both the passenger and the driver. With a clean and modern design, differentiated lines and an optical set that reinforces the identity of the brand. This complemented with more than 140 improvements applied to the interior and exterior, which have been appreciated by carriers in Latin America. Even this creation of the manufacturer, located in Caxias do Sul, has become a generator of change in the highway segment in Brazil, where the double-deck version has been the most demanded.

The award will be presented at a special ceremony to be held in June 2022 in the city of Valencia (Spain), which has been chosen as the World Design Capital for this year. The winners will be able to use the seal both on their products and on all communication elements and image management that the brand wishes, to publicize their success.

Marcopolo wins the IF Design award again, which he had already received in 2014, when his Gran Viale BRT was awarded for having synthesized global trends in mass transport design, taking high-speed monorails as inspiration and taking them to the urban bus.

A few months ago, Marcopolo had also received in Brazil the Lotus 2022 Award in the Bus Bodywork and Highway Segment Bodywork categories, highlighting Generation 8 for its innovation.