Scania Mexico delivers a new generation of chassis to the Flecha Amarilla group


06 June 2022

In Mexico, in the state of Guanajuato, a passenger transport service began in November 1932 that connected the cities of León and Irapuato, in what would later be known as the “Línea León-Querétaro”, where a significant number of carriers autopatronos would associate to operate routes and would become Autobuses Flecha Amarilla at the end of the 1930s.

The growth never stopped, always under that identity of the Flecha Amarilla group, on the one hand with the association of new companies that allowed to increase the coverage of destinations, as well as the creation of new brands in order to expand the offer of services, such as the famous Primera Plus presented in 1991.

To date, the Flecha Amarilla Group has nearly 2,400 vehicles, transports 85 million people a year and employs more than 9,700 collaborators. It offers long-distance (foreign) passenger services through Primera Plus, Interurbanos with the UneBus and Coordinados brands; urban mobilization in León, parcels and shipments, as well as administration of Burger King and Subway franchises in some terminals.

Always seeking to offer its passengers the best innovations, the Flecha Amarilla Group received a bus with a K450 CB4X2 Euro 5 chassis from Scania Mexico. Grupo Flecha Amarilla, accompanied by Jorge Navarro Inostroza, Commercial and Services Director of Scania Buses; Néstor Lara, National Manager of corporate fleets and his services support team made up of the manager who attends to the group, Alejandro Jáuregui.

The unit that was delivered to Grupo Flecha Amarilla will have a testing period in a service for the transfer of people for the Primera Plus line, on its main routes. For 15 years, Grupo Flecha Amarilla has been operating with Scania buses, and makes use of the services under a maintenance policy. The customer's interest in testing this new generation of chassis is in the improvement in fuel efficiency, as it consumes at least 10% less diesel compared to previous generation Scania units.

Additionally, the bus has the XPI ultra-high pressure injection system, which generates fewer polluting emissions. The engine that drives this Scania K450CB is the DC13 147 with 12.7 liters that delivers 450HP @1,900rpm and 2,350Nm of torque between 1,000 and 1,300 laps. The power goes to the wheels, thanks to the 12-speed Opticruise automated transmission with retarder and can be programmed in standard, economy and power modes for maximum performance.

In addition to this, this unit already has an ADAS 2.0 security system that in this new generation presents improvements, adding blind spot alert and pedestrian alert, improving not only the safety of passengers but also that of their environment. It is an important addition for the tranquility of drivers, occupants and the environment of the roads; not forgetting that lane departure warning sensors, automatic emergency braking and adaptive cruise control are also ready to avoid accidents.

With actions like this, Scania Mexico reaffirms its commitment to promoting more sustainable mobility in the country, as well as offering a wide range. With the new generation of chassis, the brand is committed to innovation, technology, safety and ecological sustainability, but also economic sustainability of its customers' businesses.