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12 May 2022

CAIO completes the delivery of 450 Apache VIP 5 units for Angola with Volkswagen chassis

Angola is one of the African countries with the largest commercial exchange with Brazil and headquarters of subsidiaries of many Brazilian companies. Also, it can be considered one of the biggest clients of the bodybuilder Caio on the other side of...
12 May 2022

With Yutong in Mexico, better buses and a better life to love mass transportation

Nothing can be more flexible or inclusive than an urban bus: people from all corners of cities, with multiple occupations, come together in a space that rolls through the streets connecting dreams, hopes and opportunities that inhabitants build daily...
12 May 2022

Marcopolo's G8 wins the If Design 2022 international award in Germany

It is clear that in road buses, the manufacturer that best interprets what it means to have the greatest visual impact, to achieve maximum differentiation, to have style in all its corners, along with attractiveness and functionality, will win. That...
12 May 2022

Brazilian Tupy closes agreement with Traton and Navistar to acquire the engine manufacturer MWM

When Traton made the purchase of Navistar official, he was not only controlling the International truck and bus brand. In the business, which was valued at $3,700 million dollars, there was also the Brazilian engine manufacturer MWM, since 2005 it...
02 May 2022

Governments of Colombia and Perú, reactivate international land transportation

It has been more than two years since the international transport of travelers between Colombia and Peru by land was suspended, as a result of the closure of borders to prevent the spread of Covid-19. From one day to the next, the companies that...
02 May 2022

Marcopolo delivers 300 buses to the mining segment in Chile

Marcopolo has finalized an important agreement for the supply of 300 vehicles for the charter service in the transport of officials of the Chilean company Codelco, the largest copper producer in the world. The operators Renta Bus (Link) and Buses JM...
02 May 2022

OTAS lose ground slightly to transport companies in traffic generation

One of the most hopeful seasons for the transporters of the intermunicipal segment in Colombia was the end of the year of 2021, as it was the great opportunity to have a normal operation for the first time in two years. The results were very...
08 April 2022

Scania Mexico delivers first K500 Euro 6 buses with XPI technology to grupo Estrella Blanca

Grupo Estrella Blanca (GEB), with 81 years of history, is one of the main conglomerates of passenger road transport in Mexico, connecting 25 states in the country and with 21 brands, offering three levels of comfort for travelers. Its fleet exceeds 5...
07 April 2022

Hino expands its dealer network in Colombia and now has 21 showcases

Hino, the Japanese manufacturer of buses and trucks of the Toyota Group, arrived in Colombia almost 30 years ago and was always clear that its entry into the country was not a product of the economic opening winds of that time. For the brand founded...
06 April 2022

Marcopolo’s G8 motivates the increase in orders for Double-Deck buses in Brazil

The enormous expectation for the arrival of the Marcopolo Generation 8 destined for the highway segment had been brewing for several years and when it was officially presented in July 2021, it did not disappoint anyone. In the international markets...
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