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20 March 2022

Traton group will invest 2.6 billion euros in R&D for electromobility by 2026

The Traton Group, one of the largest global players in the commercial passenger and cargo vehicle industry; with its brands MAN, Scania, Volkswagen Trucks & Buses, Navistar and RIO in digital services; has decided to assume head-on the commitment to...
19 March 2022

Mi Macro Perfiférico reached the estimated demand in one month of operations

On January 30, 2022, the operation of the largest BRT system in Mexico was launched, with a 41.5 kilometer corridor to connect the city of Guadalajara: Mi Macro Periférico. This project was approved in 2019 and on its first day of operations, it...
17 March 2022

Mercedes-Benz already has close to 100 orders for its eO500U electric bus chassis

In 2021, the Mercedes-Benz O500 bus series celebrated 20 years of commercial life with its urban and road versions, of which more than 70,000 have been manufactured in Brazil, supplying both the local market and the those of South America and other...
16 March 2022

Ankai prepares the delivery of 800 gas units to the state of Nuevo Leon (Mexico)

Ankai is one of the many Chinese companies dedicated to the production of buses, located in Hefei (Anhui) and belonging to the JAC group, which has had a significant penetration in several Latin American markets, with good results, especially in...
15 March 2022

Foton will supply 991 electric buses in the new bidding of Santiago de Chile

A long process had to be followed for the General Comptroller of Chile to approve the tender that began in December 2020, to award more than 150 services for the Red Metropolitana de Movilidad system (formerly Transantiago). Finally, in February, the...
05 March 2022

Mercedes-Benz donate chassis to ITESM in Mexico for electric bus project

Under the premise that mobility is a fundamental part of the economic and social development of a community, Mercedes-Benz Buses in Mexico is committed to innovation and the production of buses with environmentally friendly technologies, to promote...
04 March 2022

Volvo starts tests of 7900 electric bus in Chile

In an event where the Minister of Transport and Telecommunications Gloria Hutt participated, who participated in the presentation of the electric bus model 7900 of the Volvo brand, which will begin a testing period with the operator Redbus. This...
03 March 2022

Scania Mexico has signed the ZEBRA agreement supporting transport electrification

Scania Mexico reaffirms its commitment to sustainability and the environment to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and have cleaner and more efficient mobility through its products; this through its signing with the ZEBRA (Zero Emission Bus Rapid...
01 March 2022

EMT Madrid will provide technical support to Transmilenio

The Municipal Transport Company of Madrid has been chosen by two of the most recent zonal operators of the Transmilenio system, to provide technical assistance in improving the passenger transport network in the Colombian capital. The collaboration...
28 February 2022

Bridgestone presents its Webfleet fleet management tool in Colombia

The Japanese Bridgestone, a world leader in tires and rubber products, has announced the launch in Colombia of its Webfleet telematics and fleet management division. This is one of the most recognized telemetry solutions worldwide, with more than 1.2...
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