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11 January 2023

Busworld Latin America started the year with great news

Busworld Latin America, which will be held for the first time in Buenos Aires, begins the year in a big way with an edition that will offer opportunities for the exchange of ideas, with the participation of the greatest leaders in the passenger...
28 December 2022

Mercedes-Benz Argentina reaches the manufacturing of its 110,000 unit

Mercedes-Benz Camiones y Buses achieves another milestone in Argentina: the production of more than 110,000 chassis for buses. Two out of every three buses in circulation in that country are Mercedes-Benz. This is produced thanks to the trust...
28 December 2022

Combuses will switch to electric the buses that go to the Rionegro airport, in Medellín, Colombia.

In recent days, the pilot test began with a Zhongtong LCK6850EVG electric bus, which will operate on the route between Medellín and the José María Córdova airport located in the municipality of Rionegro. Wilson Mejía, manager of Combuses, a...
28 December 2022

Marcopolo Rail supplies trains for Chile

Marcopolo's business unit signed a contract to supply three train units of two cars each, Prosper model, to the Chilean market, and opens opportunities for Brazilian technology abroad.
13 December 2022

These will be Chevrolet's new Euro 6 products for 2023

Positioning itself as one of the countries that has made the most progress in the energy transition in Latin America (according to the Energy Transition Index, ETI, of the World Economic Forum), Colombia joins the implementation of the Euro 6 Diesel...
13 December 2022

The new G8 arrive for the San Cristobal cooperative in Ecuador

With the gradual resumption of activities around the world, especially in tourism, Marcopolo is intensifying its exports and closed the supply of 12 new Paradiso G8 1800 Double Decker intercity buses for the operator San Cristóbal, from the city of...
13 December 2022

30 years have passed since the appearance of bi-articulated buses

The bus is the most widely used means of transportation in Latin American countries. So required at the regional level, the passenger transport sector is the one that has changed the least over the years, and it was the articulated configurations...
22 November 2022

BYD celebrates 10 years in Colombia

December 2012 was not an ordinary month. It was the month in which Colombians opened their eyes to electromobility, discovering a new way of getting around, thanks to the presentation of the electric taxi project in the capital, of which BYD Motors...
22 November 2022

Busscar Optimuss E-Pluss Integral

Electromobility has brought new players capable of developing integral buses of these new technologies from scratch, seeking more control of the business and facilitating after-sales for operators. Busscar de Colombia, with 20 years of activities...
14 November 2022

Scania presents the first intermunicipal gas bus in Colombia

Scania presents the new K320 IB 4×2 intermunicipal bus powered by natural gas. The reduction in operating cost is 40%, guaranteeing savings for its customers and a direct contribution to a more sustainable transportation system through the Green...
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