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19 August 2022

Peruvian Apple Bus delivers 14 buses for mining transport

The Peruvian car body manufacturer Apple Bus, which is approaching its 30-year history, also wants to be part of those companies that contribute to the demand for business transport units for the country's mining sector. And for that reason, it has...
08 August 2022

Argentina will have a Federal Observatory to promote accessible and inclusive transport

The new area, which will report to the National Strategies Directorate within the National Ministry of Transport, will be in charge of designing and generating inclusive, accessible innovations that develop sustainable transport for all Argentines...
01 August 2022

Volvo launches its new platform for road buses reducing operating costs

Volvo Bus launches are always full of great expectations, as each model represents a benchmark in the bus industry and every day operators around the world can see how a Volvo bus goes beyond quality, respect for environment and safety, the...
01 August 2022

ENEL wins tender for Metrobús line 3 recharging stations in Mexico City

The Italian company Enel won the tender to install 25 charging stations, including the interconnection infrastructure, to ensure the energy supply of the future electric buses of Line 3 of the Mexico City Metrobus, which, as announced a few days ago...
01 August 2022

Sao Paulo's BRT system operator will have its first 100 electric buses

After ten years without major orders for clean buses, the city of São Paulo expects to receive a batch of battery-electric models. There are 100 units that were acquired by the company Viação Metrópole Paulista, which operates in the east and south...
22 July 2022

Brazil's BGS Group ordered 92 Marcopolo buses, including 44 Paradiso 1800 DD G8

The GBS Group celebrates nearly 90 years of activities, which under its umbrella encompasses Viação Garcia and Brasil Sul, from the Paraná city of Londrina. The company first announced an investment to incorporate 150 buses a few days before the...
22 July 2022

Peruvian Anita Tours receives 15 Scania f310 buses bodied by Irizar for operation in mines

Anita Tours is a Peruvian company born in Cajamarca and has specialized in personnel transportation, mainly for the mining, agro-industrial and road infrastructure sectors. With a very important presence in the extractive industries, it has provided...
14 July 2022

Agrale electric bus completed its development by Equipmake and is heading to Buenos Aires

Nearly three years of development and numerous test kilometers in the UK have come to an end for the electric Agrale bus, prepared by the British specialists at Equipmake. The prototype leaves the Norfolk facility northeast of London and begins its...
14 July 2022

Mercedes-Benz will start manufacturing its eO500U electric bus chassis in Brazil at the end of 2022

The green light has arrived and Daimler Truck has announced that it will start production of the Mercedes-Benz eO500U electric bus chassis, which it first presented in August 2021. Plans aim to build the first platforms between November and December...
12 July 2022

Mercedes-Benz presents in Mexico its new Sprinter range with Bluetec 6 engines

Twenty years, more than 45,000 units sold and a market share that exceeds 40% in its segment, are the best letter of introduction of the Sprinter in Mexico. The global light utility vehicle par excellence, also proves to have been successful in the...
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