13 January 2022

While several Latin American markets await the arrival of the first Marcopolo Generation 8 units, carriers that were interested in the proposal and placed their orders close to the launch date are already beginning to receive their buses to assign them to the operation.

Transportes Civa de Perú, has a relationship of more than thirty years trusting in the creations of the Brazilian giant and became the first company outside of Brazil that received a Generation 8 bus, of its Paradiso 1800 DD model. The Inca operator, recognized for the high level of comfort and added value in its long-distance passenger transport services, will continue to reinforce that image that has made it a benchmark in South America.

Civa has also been the protagonist of a milestone for Marcopolo, since this first Generation 8 bus they receive is the 450,000th unit produced by the Brazilian manufacturer, in its almost 72-year history. A special bodywork had to be coupled to a very special chassis, which is why the Peruvian transporter has relied on the Volvo B450R, which reinforces those values ​​of safety, performance and respect for the environment that are always sought in any model of the Swedish manufacturer.

A bus that, thanks to the materials chosen for the construction of the platform and a smaller engine with a displacement of 10,800cc, becomes the lightest on the market, which allows greater capacity and improves performance with lower fuel consumption than of its competitors. A propellant that delivers 450HP of power and 2193Nm, of torque, guaranteeing great responsiveness on any terrain and in any condition.

With unsurpassed ride comfort from the 12-speed I-Shift automated transmission, electronically level-adjustable air suspension at the push of a button, and the ability to compensate for body lean, they make long, winding road trips a breeze roads are a real pleasure. The engine management is fully electronic, complying with the Euro 5 emission standard, with a turbocharger and intercooler to provide maximum efficiency when changing altitude.

Safety has always been a value and hallmark of any Volvo, with an arsenal of equipment that gives drivers and passengers peace of mind when on the road: Electronic Brake System EBS with all-wheel discs, ABS, ASR traction control, ESP stability program, pad wear indicator, Volvo VEB engine brake, retarder and the innovative SSA Active Safety System.

The SSA is bringing us closer to what autonomous driving will be, but it is a huge advance in engineering, as it will help reduce road accidents and contribute to that «zero vision» so that in the future there are no fatalities in accidents in traffic. This system includes forward collision warning with emergency braking, inadvertent lane departure alert, adaptive cruise control to maintain speed according to a safe distance from the vehicle in front, along with the audible and vibration alarm in the seat.

A bus that reaches the ranks of the most luxurious and comfortable service offered by CIVA: the famous “Realmente Cama 180°” with the ExcluCiva badge. With wide leito armchairs on the first level capable of reclining 160°, equipped with a massage function and adjustable lumbar adjustment with remote control, attention on board. The second level also offers wide leito armchairs, but convertible into a 180° bed, with individual entertainment. Likewise, there are separation and connectivity curtains on the two floors of the bus.

Safety, design and comfort in one, so that the reactivation and economic recovery of long-distance bus transport continues and travelers can enjoy unique travel experiences, thanks to the combination of Volvo, Marcopolo and Civa.