22 January 2022

Once the first Marcopolo Generation 8 units were presented in Brazil, the question was to know in which of the brand’s foreign markets, the new creation that continues to capture the interest of carriers, passengers and bus enthusiasts in Latin America would be present. , with a start of commercial life collecting orders for those seeking to offer new levels of comfort on road routes, whose mobilization continues to grow after months of restrictions.

Already in October, the first model of this new saga had arrived for Mexico, a Paradiso 1800DD double-decker bus with the MAN 26.480 chassis, built in Brazil at the Caxias do Sul facilities. Other single-deck units were sent to Aztec lands in PKD configuration (for coupling to the chassis at Polomex facilities), corresponding to the Paradiso 1200 and Paradiso 1350 models.

Precisely on the Paradiso 1350, the first unit of the Generation 8 in Mexico has been delivered, for V&A Travels International, operator of tourist services and bus charter. The company based in Hermosillo (State of Sonora) serves clients as important as PepsiCo, AstraZeneca, Tecnológico de Monterrey in the country, but also with activities in the United States, given its border location.

Returning to the bus, this Generation 8 Paradiso 1350 6X2 has a length of 15 meters and is equipped with a semi-bed with three-point seat belts and USB ports in each seat to recharge mobile devices. For entertainment, the bus has five 15.6-inch high-definition digital screens and a new surround sound system with higher-quality speakers. The passenger room includes a LED lighting system with different indirect light configurations, applying chromatherapy to change color and intensity, to have the best internal environment at all times.

The bus incorporates biosafety solutions to offer protection against contamination by viruses and bacteria on trips, such as a UV lamp in the toilet and the air conditioning return, antimicrobial protection on the seats and access handrails. The toilet also has a new design for greater comfort and ergonomics.

V&A Travels has chosen the Volvo B13R chassis, where high performance, maximum safety and respect for the environment are combined. The Volvo D13C engine delivers 500HP of power and 2,500Nm of torque delivered to the wheels with the help of the prodigious 12-speed forward I-Shift automated transmission. The electronics allow self-diagnosis of faults, and it is also equipped with self-protection against overheating, low oil pressure and fire detection sensors.

Regarding safety, it is always important to highlight what the chassis offers, which has a complete equipment to protect the driver and its occupants: EBS5 electronic braking that governs the ABS and ASR traction control; ESP stability program, dual retarder control, hill start assist, brake temperature and wear warning, door brake, automatic differential lock and self-calibration when changing brake pads.

Separate mention deserve the Volvo Dynamic Steering System (VDS) and the Active Safety System (SSA). With the first, the effort of the operator is reduced, it provides greater stability and better adaptability to the speed of the vehicle when moving the steering wheel. The second includes emergency braking and collision warning; adaptive cruise control and lane departure alert.

Marcopolo Mexico gave recognition to V&A Travels, an important client on the border with the United States and the Pacific. «We are sure that with this acquisition, the company V&A Travels International will mark a great differential in the tourist transportation operations of the area, providing an ultra-luxury service in medium and long distance lines.» said José Luiz Goes, General Director of Marcopolo Mexico.