Marcopolo delivers 300 buses to the mining segment in Chile


02 May 2022

Marcopolo has finalized an important agreement for the supply of 300 vehicles for the charter service in the transport of officials of the Chilean company Codelco, the largest copper producer in the world. The operators Renta Bus (Link) and Buses JM contracted for the service, acquired 300 Marcopolo buses and microbuses of the Viaggio 900 and Senior electrified models.

The new buses have already begun to be delivered by Epysa, Marcopolo's representative in Chile, and were destined for Codelco's El Teniente (city of Rancagua, O'Higgins Region) and Andina (city of Los Andes, Region of Valparaíso) divisions. . Deliveries will be completed in August.

“This new business demonstrates the strength of the Marcopolo brand in Chile and in other important Latin American countries. Last year we participated in a tender for the Mineradora Codelco company, we won the preference of the operators LINK and Buses JM, and we will supply 80% of the total volume tendered, including the unprecedented Senior model with electrified chassis”, highlights André Vidal Armaganijan, director International and Commercial Operations Marcopolo.

Of the 300 new vehicles, 77 are of the Senior Charter model -with chassis electrified by the Chilean startup Reborn Electric Motor-, of which 20 have already been delivered to Renta Bus (Link). The minibuses have external fiberglass side cladding and a stainless steel lower structure to meet customer needs and further increase the standard of quality and strength.

These Senior converted by Reborn into electric, offer a capacity for 24 passengers seated in Executive 940 seats, are equipped with a Valeo CC175 split air conditioning system with condenser in the rear, an unprecedented development for the Senior line and made especially for Renta Bus (Link), a client that owns 95% of its fleet with Marcopolo models. The units also have curtains, electronic itinerary, trunk for battery storage, cup holders, parcel holders, heating and three-point seat belts.

Of the 223 Viaggio 900 buses supplied, 146 will be delivered to Renta Bus (Link) and 77 to Buses JM. The 146 Renta Bus units have 48 Executive 1060 seats, with a three-point belt for greater safety.

Due to the characteristics of the roads on which they travel, covered with snow for a large part of the year, the vehicles have a lower structure made of stainless steel, with very high resistance to corrosion, and the lower body plating is also made of steel. stainless steel, being the best anti-corrosion protection ever applied by Marcopolo.

For greater comfort, the buses have a Valeo CC300S air conditioning system, with a condenser installed in the trunk, installation of a preheater to heat water and pressurized air in the trunks to prevent the entry of dust, in addition to the seat indicator panel that does not Has seat belt fastened, parking sensor, LED reversing auxiliary lights.

The 77 Viaggio 900 buses delivered to Buses JM, a traditional client of Marcopolo and which has a fleet with more than 70% models of the Brazilian brand, have a capacity for 40 seated passengers and have Executive 1060 seats, with three-way seat belts. points, CC356 air conditioning system, unfastened seat belt indicator panel, parking sensor and auxiliary LED reversing lights.