Flixbus Brasil obtains resolution from authorities to operate regular routes in the country


08 July 2022

In October 2021, Flixbus Transporte e Tecnologia do Brasil Ltda., a subsidiary of the German mobility and passenger transport giant Flixbus, announced the start of operations in the country, together with its ally Expresso Adamantina to connect São Paulo with Rio de Janeiro . Since then, the companies with which agreements have been signed have grown, and to date coverage reaches 15 cities.

In April 2022, the National Land Transport Agency (ANTT), the main regulatory body for passenger transport in Brazil, carried out a technical visit to learn in detail about the Flixbus service model in the South American giant. During the meeting, aspects of monitoring and follow-up of vehicles on each trip, technological aspect and its compatibility with current regulations and how the company has been operating were evaluated.

As a result of this technical mission carried out by the ANTT, resolution TAR455 was published, which grants the company authorization to operate regular routes in Brazil, which will accelerate the rate of expansion of Flixbus, allowing it to grow in alliances to increase its coverage within the country.

FlixBus operates in 38 countries in the field of multimodal mobility, road and rail, and has transported more than 62 million passengers around the world. With more than 500 associated companies, it is committed to technology, innovation and sustainability to offer a quality, accessible and safe service to users of road passenger transport in Brazil.

The company's performance takes a different route than that of its closest rival Buser, which, although it started operations before Flixbus, has faced legal setbacks due to its operating model. The ANTT has also promulgated resolutions to answer the requests of 14 companies, interested in providing passenger transport in rental or charter mode.