Mercedes-Benz Argentina reaches the manufacturing of its 110,000 unit

Almost 70 years ago, a chain of milestones and phenomena began in the production of Mercedes-Benz Argentina. Since then, the buses have been a fundamental part of the great history of the brand in the country.

28 December 2022

Mercedes-Benz Camiones y Buses achieves another milestone in Argentina: the production of more than 110,000 chassis for buses. Two out of every three buses in circulation in that country are Mercedes-Benz. This is produced thanks to the trust generated by a long history and articulated work through the value chain. With millions of kilometers traveled, the buses of the star brand are protagonists and witnesses of the landscapes of every corner of Argentina.


Historically, the birth of buses in Argentina dates back to the 1920s. In line with time, in 1953, the production of the first bus chassis began, the LO 3500, based on the L3500 truck. In the 1960s, the O 140 rear-engined chassis was introduced for buses in the long-distance segment. In the 70s, the market was innovated with the arrival of the LO 1114 chassis, becoming the brand's most successful bus due to its performance and unique durability. From the 1980s, the rear-engine OH chassis was inserted, and units with an automatic gearbox began to be produced. From the beginning until today, more than 110,000 chassis have been produced for passenger vehicles operating in the country.

"The Juan Manuel Fangio Industrial Center is the first subsidiary of the brand built outside of Germany, and thanks to our local production and work, we can say that today we have been market leaders in the bus segment for 11 years," says Sebastián Gysin. , Director of Sales and Marketing of Buses in Argentina. And he adds “we are proud to be able to celebrate more than 110,000 chassis produced in the country, promoting the national industry”.



With more than 38,000 units in circulation, the bus represents the main means of transportation for Argentines. Only in the Buenos Aires region, more than 11 million people travel by bus. The company is committed to public transport, the national industry, and providing work for thousands of people. In addition to all its administrative employees and plant collaborators, the production chain includes the body industry and a wide network of suppliers.

With more than 70 years of uninterrupted production, Mercedes-Benz Trucks and Buses renews its commitment to the country, and accompanies the development of national transport, without neglecting the demanding quality standards.