Mercedes-Benz is still the bus that moves the stars of Mexican sports


22 June 2022

Mercedes-Benz has become the bus that moves the Mexican soccer stars and within the framework of Expo Foro 2022, it delivered a fully equipped and world-class bus to the Rayados de Monterrey team, from the First Division of Mexican soccer .

The Star of the Three Points configured, in La Casa del Bus, a unit with chassis OC 500 2543, bodied by Busscar de Colombia with the Busstar DD S1 model, to transport the royal team. The bus offers quality, comfort, low fuel consumption and an innovative system for reducing polluting emissions thanks to BlueTec 5® technology that makes it one of the best options in the foreign segment, guaranteeing a safe and friendly trip for passengers footballers and their staff.

The unit is equipped with 58 reclining seats with rocker-type footrests, retractable seat belt, auxiliary driver's seat, it also includes anti-assault windows, air conditioning equipment, as well as state-of-the-art audio and video equipment. Also with a storage area for the operator, trunk and tire rack, in addition to the full Safety Bus equipment.

“At Mercedes-Benz Buses, we are proud to have this new commercial alliance that represents trust and commitment, especially with our people in Nuevo León. Being the official transport of one of the teams that represents the royal fans, commits us to more, especially to transport soccer players in a safe and comfortable way”, said Raúl González, Director of Sales, Marketing and After Sales of Mercedes-Benz Buses.

Mercedes-Benz Autobuses will continue to be committed to the quality of its vehicles and to sports in Mexico and worldwide.