Peruvian Apple Bus delivers 14 buses for mining transport


19 August 2022

The Peruvian car body manufacturer Apple Bus, which is approaching its 30-year history, also wants to be part of those companies that contribute to the demand for business transport units for the country's mining sector. And for that reason, it has been a fundamental ally of the company Turismo Huamanga that serves the tourism, excursions and personal segments for companies with 25 years in the activity.

The builder located in Lima delivered 14 buses for mining personnel to the Huamanga Tourism facilities. An order that includes 9 units of the Drako model for minibuses on Hino FC chassis and 5 of the Centauro bus coupled to the Volvo B270F platform. These vehicles will be operating at the Condestable Mine, the largest in the country dedicated to copper extraction, located in the city of Mala, 90 kilometers from the Peruvian capital and in charge of Southern Peaks Mining.

The delivery of the vehicles was carried out with the presence of representatives of the three brands and Turismo Huamanga. Apple Bus built the units under the most demanding requirements formulated by Southern Peaks Mining to mobilize workers with security and comfort.

In the aspect of biosecurity, Apple Bus has not lowered the guard despite the reduction of contagions and by ello the bodies with a thermometer with facial recognition, automatic antibacterial gel dispenser, separation nipple with the driver, automatic disinfection, air purifier with UV rays and an innovative air quality indicator. It is worth remembering that the Peruvian car was the first to present a local bus, capable of meeting these requirements, in response to the restrictions imposed by the pandemic.

In terms of active safety, each bus is equipped with proximity sensors to warn of the presence of obstacles and help to avoid collisions, fatigue and microsue detectors, as well as another innovative equipment: the Apple Belt Control, which allows them to crew members detect if a seat is busy and if the passenger has closed the security belt, and can also be monitored by the fleet administrators or for this business transport operation, by the responsibles for the mine.

Cars on Volvo chassis have a Valeo CC336 air conditioning system, while in Drako midibuses, highlights the Colombian presence with the equipment provided by Transaire and its K3 model, more compact, stylized and light, with a more aerodynamic profile.

“For us, it is very important to deliver these 9 Hino units, so we contribute to helping and strengthening the economy of Peru, for which we thank Turismo Huamanga enormously for the trust deposited in our brand, which has the support and support of the Toyota group”. Indicated Brian Palomino, Hino Brand Manager at Toyota del Perú. The FC9 chassis has a 5,123cc engine and delivers 210hp of power; 6 units with manual transmission, 2 with a retarder and an order with an Allison automatic box.

The delivery includes a maintenance contract, which will make it possible to maintain the availability of the vehicles and which will be in charge of the Mitsui dealer, who will carry out the tasks in the mine. Also, Mitsui Auto Finance Peru (MAF), has helped Turismo Huamanga to leverage the purchase of autobuses, with its plans oriented to the models of the Toyota group in the country.

On the other hand, the Volvo B270F buses are characterized by their 7.2-liter MWM front engine, which delivers 273HP of power and 950Nm of torque. The platform allows transporting vehicles up to 14 meters in length, offering a low operating cost, great load capacity and a very light chassis for greater fuel economy.