Volvo launches its new platform for road buses reducing operating costs


01 August 2022

Volvo Bus launches are always full of great expectations, as each model represents a benchmark in the bus industry and every day operators around the world can see how a Volvo bus goes beyond quality, respect for environment and safety, the fundamental values ​​of the brand.

Now, Volvo Buses has globally launched its powerful new fuel-saving platform for both its range of premium full-size coaches and chassis customers. With a power rating of up to 500 HP and fuel savings of up to 9%, it will deliver real savings on long-haul and regular line operations.

“With this new coach platform, we are taking another step towards our goal of offering people transport solutions sustainably,” says Anna Westerberg, President of Volvo Buses. "This is a global offer for operators of high-end coach services with a wide margin to adapt to the needs of the market".

The highlight of Volvo Buses' new coach platform is the new fuel-efficient engine. “The new platform will reduce both fuel consumption and total emissions. The Volvo Group maintains a strong commitment to sustainability. Our roadmap towards zero emissions includes current electric vehicles, but the new coach platform also offers the advantages of alternative vehicles and substantial improvements in efficiency for long-distance operations”, remarks Anna Westerberg.

The new coach platform will be available as integral coaches of the 9000 range in Europe and Volvo 9800 in Mexico, while for the other markets, the B13R chassis will be offered.